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The activity of our association is mainly of dental assistance which is carried out in an outpatient clinic at the convent of the Benedictine nuns. The studio is well equipped and allows you to carry out any dental branch; it is equipped with an adequate sterilization line and modern instrumentation.

Health crews consisting of doctors and assistants are dispatched every 3-4 months. The time sufficient to dispose of the "work" that has been created is about a week of very intense activity, but tiredness is always rewarded by the gratitude that can be read in the eyes of Sighet's children.

General objective

The health promotion project aims to help rebuild the confidence of the population in the possible improvement of the social and health conditions of the country.

The promotion of health and prevention initiatives for the benefit of the community will be led by local staff.

Specific Objectives

Reduce the prevalence of oral disease in the Sighet infant population.

Renew the facilities of the clinic and make the service permanent.

To seek the sustainability of the assistance service by entrusting the continuation of the project to the Romanian health system.

Expected results

Improvement of awareness of the reasons for a preventive attitude and therefore of personal responsibility in maintaining one's state of health.

The improvement of specific indicators that define the level of oral health in the school population of Sighet.

Reduction of the DMFT Index

Reduction of the PUFA Index

Needs Analysis

In Romania, the states of malaise and mistrust have been aggravated by social inequalities; the development plans of education and health have had serious delays, in addition, social discomfort and a certain tendency to alcoholism determine the weakness of the family understood as a founding project of society and as a protective nucleus for children. The latter are easily abandoned in orphanages (about 80,000 throughout the country) and are subjected to very superficial health checks, in this case the dental services, authorized when the pain is no longer treatable with drugs, are limited to extractive therapy, producing serious damage to the organism of growing adolescents.

Local context

The local situation in Sighet is much better than in other areas of the country, thanks to a constant monitoring activity that is carried out by the Italian association "SOS Bambini", which is present in the area by sending psychologists and psychiatrists specialists and providing first-class material goods. need

Such as clothes, food, games and school materials and ensuring continuous control of the situation through constant contact with local institutions. assisted by some Italian nuns; their task is to provide school, food and after-school assistance to those numerous children who come from families in serious difficulty. There is also an activity of interception of young people who at 18 are left free by orphanages, without having provided them with adequate preparation to life. The function of the parish is to grasp the individual characteristics to convey them towards decent work.

Technical Project Data







Project start




Project status


Project manager


Project Cost

€ 12,000

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