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Shea Butter  with the addition of Moringa oil and organic Palmarosa essential oil


Palmarosa Shea Butter is made by the women of the village of Boussouma by adding the butter extracted from them from the processing of walnuts with a centuries-old artisan technique that preserves their precious properties. A small percentage of Moringa Oil is added to make the butter more malleable and regenerating for the skin thanks to the precious properties of Moringa. Finally, the addition of organic Palmarosa essential oil  it perfumes the butter and enriches it with its precious balsamic properties.

Weight:  80gr


The  shea butter  for centuries it has been a sought-after and appreciated product by the African population, not only from a food point of view, but also from a therapeutic point of view: sprains, colds and sores. Its properties are now also recognized by Western medicine: like all vegetable fats, shea butter has emollient, nourishing and protective properties, and the presence of a significant unsaponifiable fraction makes it superior to other similar products. The properties are: - Protection of the skin from bad weather and the sun. It is a natural protection against ultraviolet rays that prevents some sun allergies, thanks to the presence of latex - Fights cracking thanks to the presence of vitamin A - Nutrition of connective tissues thanks to linoleic acid and vitamin F, but also effective on the hair dry and fragile thanks to vitamin A - Adjuvant in the regeneration of tissues and in the stimulation of cells: this allows to counteract the degenerative diseases of the skin caused by aging and the sun. This action is accompanied by an increase in capillary circulation which favors the re-oxygenation of the tissues and the elimination of metabolic toxins - It counteracts the formation of stretch marks thanks to its elasticizing properties.


Moringa oil  it is particularly appreciated in cosmetics for its emollient, antioxidant and moisturizing properties which are exploited to promote the beauty of both skin and hair and scalp.

In some cosmetics, even if Moringa oil is not used, it is possible to find behenic acid, one of the fatty acids included in the composition of the aforementioned oil. It is, in fact, an excellent emollient with a velvety effect and consistency factor for O / A emulsions.


The organic essential oil of Palmarosa  also called geranium of the indies, indicated against wrinkles, stress and nervousness. Stimulating tonic, has moisturizing, regenerating and antiseptic properties, and indicated in case of acne, dermatitis and inflammation

Shea Butter with Moringa Oil and "Palmarosa" Organic Essential Oil

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