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Flowery scent and poppy seeds


Artisan soap produced and hand cut with over 60% shea butter, coconut oil and scented with PATCHOULY & LAVENDER fragrance.


THE  Boussouma women's soaps  they are made with cold artisan technique, the only one capable of preserving the precious active ingredients of the substances used. All soaps contain over 60% of Shea butter, a well-known skin revitalizer, and Coconut oil, a natural foaming agent. After the saponification reaction is added  an additional 5% of Shea butter, Super Gras,  which will remain free to be absorbed and elasticize the epidermis.  Shea Butter Soap nourishes and keeps skin soft while reducing aging thanks to its moisturizing ingredients.

For a slight scrubbing effect there is the addition of poppy seeds,  important stimulating and anti-inflammatory elements.    


The  shea butter  for centuries it has been a sought after and appreciated product by the African population, as a food and cosmetic for its precious properties.

Properties now recognized by Western medicine: moisturizing, emollient, elasticizing, protective and finally regenerating. Easily absorbed by the skin due to the significant fraction of soapy fats which makes it superior to other similar products. It protects the skin from bad weather and the sun in a natural way, preventing some sun allergies. Fights cracking due to the presence of vitamin A - Nourishes connective tissues thanks to linoleic acid and vitamin F-Effective even on dry and brittle hair thanks to vitamin A. Helps in tissue regeneration and stimulation of cells: this allows for counteract the degenerative diseases of the skin caused by aging and the sun. This action is accompanied by an increase in capillary circulation which favors the re-oxygenation of the tissues and the elimination of metabolic toxins - It counteracts the formation of stretch marks thanks to its elasticizing properties.


There  PATCHOULY & LAVENDER fragrance  born from the creativity and competence of expert perfumers, capable of stimulating the senses by evoking distant and fascinating atmospheres.

Craftsmanship and alchemy, combined with the competence of  certified experts   are the basis of a production of unique products.


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