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The inexpensive 'refill' package allows you to use the soap by placing it in a support container


Shaving soap
Cold soaped in an artisanal way, it is composed of 50% shea butter and coconut oil, castor oil, vegetable stearin,  green clay and scented with MINT-EUCALYPTOL fragrance.
Processing at low temperatures allows to maintain the precious properties of the substances used, enhanced with a Supergras del  5%.
The use of a high percentage of Shea Butter guarantees a soft and regenerated skin at the end of the shave.
The other vegetable ingredients used guarantee a full-bodied and abundant foam, scented by the fragrance used.
Finally, the addition of potassium alum, boric acid and green clay guarantee important  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Shea butter has for centuries been a sought-after and appreciated product by the African population, as a food and cosmetic for its precious properties.
Properties now recognized by Western medicine: moisturizing, emollient, elasticizing, protective and finally regenerating. Easily absorbed by the skin due to the significant fraction of soapy fats which makes it superior to other similar products. It protects the skin from bad weather and the sun in a natural way, preventing some sun allergies. Fights cracking due to the presence of vitamin A - Nourishes connective tissues thanks to linoleic acid and vitamin F-Effective even on dry and brittle hair thanks to vitamin A. Helps in tissue regeneration and stimulation of cells: this allows for counteract the degenerative diseases of the skin caused by aging and the sun. This action is accompanied by an increase in capillary circulation which favors the re-oxygenation of the tissues and the elimination of metabolic toxins - It counteracts the formation of stretch marks thanks to its elasticizing properties.

Shaving soap refill

  • Per acquisti fino a 40€ verranno addebitati 6,9€ di contributo alle spese di packaging e spedizione.

    Per acquisti superiori ai 40€ le spese di packaging e spedizione saranno del tutto GRATUITE.


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