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soaps with over 60% of Shea and coconut oil



Shea butters scented with certified essential oils


beard soaps

shaving accessories and soaps

From a social and economic emancipation project in an African village  Shea Butters and Soaps with 70% Shea, made with vegetable products and scented with BIO essential oils or fragrances.

In Burkina Faso the Shea tree grows spontaneously, the processing of its nuts allows to obtain a butter rich in nourishing and regenerating substances for the elastic fibers of the epidermis. The women of the village of Boussouma organized themselves into a single production cooperative, after a training course, in 2011 they began to produce vegetable soaps with a cold artisan technique that allows to preserve the precious nutrients contained in Shea butter. benefit of the epidermis. The production of Shea Butter enriched with organic essential oils began in 2018, involving 45 women who traditionally produced it in their huts. Currently 100 women are directly involved in the various production phases of the cooperative, many others are involved in the supply of raw materials. The production of Soaps with over 70% of Shea butter and Shea Butter enriched with Moringa oil and perfumed with essential oils allows the social and income emancipation of women who, despite themselves, are inactive during the non-rainy season and the activation of a real economy that goes beyond the typical informal subsistence economy of African villages. With the increase of the resilience of the communities, they are no longer forced to emigrate.

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