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Burkina Faso - School complex for 540 students

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in Africa, a Burkina Faso literacy rate of 9% and there is only one doctor for every 50,000 inhabitants. The Mayor of the Municipality of Boussouma Bernard Inossa Sare, the Ministry of Basic Education and Literacy, asked SMOM to implement the possibility of schooling by providing the economic resources for the construction of two school buildings necessary for around 600 children to access education denied today. The local community provided the labor and materials found in nature such as sand and stones for the construction of 2 single-storey buildings each consisting of 3 classrooms each of 63 square meters, an office of 12 square meters and a warehouse. In addition, in the middle of the savannah, in the absence of electricity and water pipes, 4 lodgings for teachers, toilets and a well for water were built.

General objective

Promote human development.

Specific Objectives

Build a school complex for 540 students.


This project was carried out with the Pianzola Olivelli association and with funding from the Fondiaria Fondiaria SAI Foundation.


direct beneficiaries of up to 540 primary and secondary school children in the villages of Boussoufa.


Upon receipt of the request for assistance from the municipality of Boussouma, an exploratory mission was carried out in April 2007 for the analysis of community needs. The priority need to increase school structures was highlighted. Burkina Faso is one of the countries in the world with the lowest literacy rate. In October 2008, 540 new students began attending the Dango school consisting of: 2 building complexes furnished with classrooms, offices and warehouses; 1 well for water, toilets and residential complexes for teachers sent by the Ministry of Education of Burkina Faso.

Needs Analysis

Specifically, the need reported by the municipal administration is 3 new buildings of 3 classes each for primary school. Normally 90 children study in each class. 3,515 pupils attended primary schools in the 2006/07 school year, of which 1078 were girls and 660 pupils in secondary schools, 268 of whom were girls. Therefore, considering Burkina's birth rate, less than 40% of the infant population had the possibility of being able to attend schools due to lack of facilities or the possibility of moving. Burkina Faso is among the poorest countries in the world and the state does not have the economic resources to be able to build new schools. The needs indicated by the municipality also indicate the lack of adequate water supply and insufficient sanitation services. There is a group of native people of Boussouma who thanks to their school studies have been able to expatriate or go to work in important cities of Burkina. Together with the municipal authorities, they also urge and support us by providing us with logistical support and information

Local context

Burkina Faso is a smaller African country than Italy with a population of 15 million and its capital is Ouagadougou. Independent since 1960 it is among the poorest countries in the world, the literacy rate is 9%, there is a doctor for every 50,000 inhabitants and the national resources are peanuts, cotton and cattle. Burkina Faso means 'country of integrity'. The municipality of Boussouma is located in central-eastern Burkina in the province of Boulgou. It has a very large semi-arid territory 371 square km, with 28,134 inhabitants. The existing economy is based on agricultural, sheep farming and fish farming activities thanks to the presence of a dam. The population living in the municipality is spread over a very large territory and with little communication possibilities in 16 villages. In 8 villages there are only 6 primary school classes, in 5 villages only the first 3 primary school classes and 3 of these villages currently have no schools. Furthermore, in the municipality there is a 'general superior college' for all the communities, a sort of professional institute.

Technical Project Data







Project start




Project status


Project manager


Project Cost

€ 60,000


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