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Ethiopia-Promotion of oral health at the Abobo hospital in the Gambella region

Construction of a dental clinic in the city of Abobo in the Gambela region in the west of Ethiopia for the management of personnel qualification activities and preventive and therapeutic activities.

General objective

Improvement of the quality of life.

Specific Objectives

Create a dental clinic run by local health personnel with the initial collaboration of experienced Italian dentists.

Expected results

Leave an efficient and autonomous clinic at the end of the project.


SMOM ONLUS, Abobo's Hospital and the Health Center of the Catholic Church.

Need Analysis

The main problem in Ethiopia is still today the social and economic underdevelopment of the majority of the population. In the last 5 years the economic and life indicators have improved and there has been a progressive decrease in the infant mortality rate, the maternal mortality rate and the mortality rate before 5 years, an increase in the number of vaccinated children and access to safe water. Despite this, Ethiopia is still a country dependent on external aid, involved in international conflicts and whose cost of living has rapidly increased in the last period of time, damaging the rural population. In a sense, the country's economic growth seems to have benefited only a privileged sector of the population. Other factors that have appeared recently are further aggravating the socio-economic situation of the country, such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Main needs of the Gambella region: the region has one of the most vulnerable situations in the country due to numerous factors: the unfavorable geographical position makes it far from the center of services and supplies of the country and the cost of transport negatively affects the price of numerous goods such as diesel fuel, building materials, drugs etc. Security conditions in the region are improving but there are still border conflicts with Sudan which aggravate the situation in the area. Despite the infrastructure development in the last two years, the local road network is often impassable during the rainy season. the remote Gambella region does not have a health reference point; the hospital is lacking in specialized medical staff and resources (x-rays, ultrasounds, medicines). The professionals present are unmotivated and cause a high turnover of staff; this causes difficulties in maintaining contacts and supporting short and long-term programs, strategies and action plans. As a result, the hospital is not well regarded by the local population and patients often turn to private clinics or some non-governmental organizations. Construction of a new hospital has begun but the population maintains a pessimistic attitude towards the prospect of an improvement in services until there is better management.


Direct Beneficiaries: About 15,000 people, the entire population of the Abobo district

Indirect Beneficiaries: patients from neighboring districts and the city of Gambella.

Project Attachments

Abobo Health project

abobo memorandum of understanding

Smom Onlus article


The outpatient activity of volunteer dentists will be to teach local staff the main theoretical and practical bases of dental emergency management which will mainly be implemented with the execution of extractive and conservative therapies.

No less important will be the involvement of the chair assistant in managing the disinfection and sterilization of the instruments.

During the school period, volunteer dentists will have to carry out check-ups to students.The health promotion project aims to help rebuild the trust of the population by promoting health and prevention initiatives for the benefit of the community and can become, with the support of the activities regional and local, a point of reference for the entire region.The health promotion project aims to help rebuild the confidence of the population by promoting health and prevention initiatives for the benefit of the community and can become, with the support of regional activities and local, a point of reference for the entire region.

Photo albums:

Coffee in Abobo

The laboratory in Abobo

Hospital in Abobo

Local context

The states of malaise and mistrust worsened with the ethnic conflicts of 2003 and 2004, reflecting themselves in the economy and investments and increasing dependence on external aid. Education and health development plans were severely delayed, clinics suffered damage, vaccination campaigns were halted, and many epidemics such as cholera developed during 2005 and 2006. Added to this was an increase the price of food and basic resources, creating a population that is increasingly poor and in need of external intervention. Photo album of Life in Abobo

Fortunately, during the years 2006 and 2007, thanks to political stability, a positive reaction was found in the district at all levels: infrastructures were implemented, transport between cities restored and new initiatives for education and health. The clinics have been rehabilitated and entrusted to new professionals, showing a serious interest in a return to normal c

Technical Project Data







Project start




Project status


Project manager


Project Cost

€ 10,000


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