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News - Kitope Dental Clinic

SMOM ODV is present on the island of Zanzibar with a dental clinic set up in the Kitope dispensary, about 25 km from StoneTown.

Since 2010, many volunteers have lent their work to train both dental and nursing staff.

To date, qualified Tanzanian personnel work there, and Father Mathias, Catholic priest in charge of the dispensary, manages to keep the economy, between entries and exits, with moderate prices, accessible to all, with free services for children under 14. Volunteers who go on missions go to supervision and, if dentists, to support for the most difficult cases.

In November 2021, during an exploratory mission for the definition and development of new project activities, I visited the Kitope Dental Clinic to deliver materials on behalf of Dr. Rosati. I was pleasantly welcomed by Dr. Charles, the current dentist in charge of the dental clinic, and Sister Flavi, who nostalgically remembered many names of SMOM volunteers who have alternated over the years for support and technical training.

The clinic periodically receives equipment and materials that are sent by SMOM to Italy, but the needs grow as the catchment area and the project beneficiaries increase in number every year, so technical monitoring would be necessary for the analysis of technical needs. and constantly evolving humans, as well as economic support to improve the offer of outpatient services.

Caterina Vetro, “Rainbow Projects” manager – SMOM ODV

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