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PROGETTO - Zanzibar-Kitope Dental Clinic

SMOM-odv has been active on the island of Zanzibar since 2010 through the formation of the Kitope Dental Clinic. Previously he had been Dr. Mario Rosati to hold the clinic alone, but then, driven by the thought of doing something more continuous, he proposed to SMOModv (then SMOMonlus) to take part. Since then, the many SMOM volunteers who participated have made the Kitope Dental Clinic a beautiful reality on the island. The tutoring also performed on Dr. Octavian Mombury first, and then on Dr. Charles, made it possible to keep the clinic active and of high quality, even in the absence of volunteers.

In 2016, unfortunately, relations with the parish priest of the time were ruined and this caused the suspension of SMOModv aid to the Kitope dental Clinic. Left alone, the clinic went out slowly, and the Bishop realized the mistake: in 2019 the replacement of the parish priest and the appointment of a new head of the dispensary, Father Mathias, prompted us to reopen the project with the volunteer Valentina Vellani, who reopened the doors to patients with an emergency unit-suitcase waiting for all the equipment, which has been standing still for 3 years, to be back in order and in perfect working order.

The clinic has a catchment area of about 5,000 people, but the lack of good dental assistance brings people from much further afield.


"La vita è solo un contenitore, sta a noi riempirlo..."

General objective

To improve the oral health of the population of the rural area related to Kitope.

Specific Objectives

Prevention and treatment program for children from neighboring schools.

Treat European staff working on the island to have sufficient income to support the project.

Expected results

An efficient dental practice. A qualified Clinical Officer serving the community. Reduction of the prevalence of oral disease 3 years after the start of the project. Sustainability at the end of the project for economic and human resources"Giro-giro Mondo"


The project, which began with the exploratory missions of dr. Mario Rosati, led to the elaboration of an intervention protocol and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Diocese of Zanzibar and the SMOModv association for the dispatch of the necessary dental equipment, their implementation and the recruitment of Clinical Officer Ottaviano. Dr. Pasquale Rubino moved to Kitope for 3 months to start the clinic and qualify Dr. Octavian to community dentistry.


Dental Officer on site: Dr Octavian, Dr Charles (Tanzanian dentists with 3 years of dentistry studied in Daar es Salaam).

Diocese of Zanzibar (Bishop Shao, Father Mathias, Father Anselmo)


Need Analysis

Serious shortage of public health centers in the area, the dentists present are only private and their rates do not allow access to the local population. Dentistry centered on the removal of the dental element involves the need for prevention programs, therapeutic assistance centers and laboratories for prosthetic rehabilitation for the indigent population.

Technical Project Data







Duration of the first project


Project restart



4 YEARS (renewable)

Project status


Project manager


Project Cost

€ 20,000


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