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The project has created a digital library at the University of Ngozi, thanks to the interest of Prof Ercole Concia and the financial support of the CARIVERONA FOUNDATION.

The digital library allows medical students, dental therapists and researchers of the University of Ngozi to consult the scientific information available on the Internet. The project envisaged:

+ Construction and equipping of the building that houses the library;

+ The acquisition of the necessary technological infrastructure:

+ Training and technical assistance.

The library will be built on the Kanyami campus of Ngozi University in Burundi

the general objective:

To improve the cultural level of Burundian university students.

Specific objectives:

· Create a digital library at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ngozi

· To make available to students up-to-date books and documents relating to medical culture.

· Facilitate searches with electronic consultations

Expected results

- Increase the documentary heritage and access to updated books for students

- Improve your ability to search with online access to previously collected and sorted information

Interest of the project

- Collection and management of information by reducing the movement of collections in favor of the electronic version;

- Access to a large number of readers thanks to the online availability of documents accessible from your workstation;

- Profitability of the management of documentary resources by reducing the number of copies of periodicals and periodicals to be acquired;

- Long-term preservation of digitized works thanks to technical standards for permanent security of access management;

- The current physical library is very small and poor in up-to-date medical books

4. Digital access content (internet connection)

Cost of the funded project € 30,000

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